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Mental health Essay

â€Å"Research proposes that burnout and low occupation fulfillment are huge issues among psychological wellness laborers and might be particularly so among those working with customers with genuine mental illness.†(Purdue) Many individuals experience the ill effects of dysfunctional behavior and dependence, and a considerable lot of these individuals end up in a network wellbeing focus where social specialists/caseworkers help them to adapt to their issues and be the issue solvers for them. The proportion of patient to case manager is very shaky and many case managers become overpowered and experience wear out. â€Å"Burnout is a condition of passionate, mental, and physical fatigue brought about by exorbitant and delayed pressure. It happens when you feel overpowered and unfit to satisfy steady needs. As the pressure proceeds, you start to lose the intrigue or inspiration that drove you to take on a specific job in the first place.†(helpguide) When a case manager encounters burnout they put their patients in danger since they should be the strong ground for the patient to remain on and if the caseworker isn't propelled to help any longer they will do the patient awful in helping them push ahead. Burnout is a perilous perspective for a case manager to have since they should be dependable, persuaded and in a positive perspective to help other people. Whenever burnout is available there is a more noteworthy possibility of a case being misused and that can cause a wide range of issues, for the individual being helped, yet for the case manager and their office. The indications of burnout come in a wide range of structures, for example, physical, passionate and social. Physical indications of burnout are feeling worn out and depleted more often than not, cerebral pains and muscle hurts and feeling wiped out constantly. Passionate indications of burnout are loss of inspiration, feeling of disappointment, feeling powerless, caught and vanquished, continually having a negative mentality; feeling segregated from the world and diminished feeling of achievement. Social indications of burnout are pulling back from obligations, utilizing food, medications or liquor to adapt, confining yourself from others, taking out dissatisfactions on others, dawdling completing things, skipping work and ignoring different duties. The indications of burnout are an intense issue, particularly to a case manager who ought to be in a positive perspective when helping other people. On the off chance that a case manager isn't attempting as well as could be expected the result of an individual’s case may not turn out emphatically and they may endure much more to need to experience the procedure more than once. It additionally makes the customer not trust others, making it harder for the following individual who might be the situation supervisor who might be committed to the case, however be ‘punished’ for the errors made by a past case manager. The customer needs to confide in their case manager with the end goal for them to cooperate and effectively work through their issues, a caseworker must have the option to give their full help and consideration. So as to forestall wear out an individual needs a positive emotionally supportive network at whatever point they learn about consumed or have an over-burden of pressure that can cause a possible burnout. An individual ought to consistently know their cutoff points and know when that's the last straw and not drive themselves to the brink. There ought to be a common duty among parental figures/caseworkers and the heap of work ought to be proportioned equally, as not to overpower a specific individual. Guardians ought to have the option to request help when they are out of luck, since they are continually helping others and can neglect to deal with themselves. It is essential to realize that so as to help other people, you should initially support yourself and deal with your psychological and physical health to be at your best for others. There are parental figure bolster bunches accessible likewise, which can help sincerely in light of the fact that everybody is sharing their encounters and it can give you that there are others out there who feel a similar way you do and are experiencing very similar things. Care groups can likewise assist people with sharing their ‘tricks’ they’ve learned with adapting to pressure and perhaps give data for other accommodating yields that are useful to use as a guardian. Guardians are the most notable individuals in the network; they are caring and help those out of luck, periodically placing themselves last. Tragically wear out is a typical pattern in the parental figure administration as a result of all the exertion put into every individual case, it can turn out to be amazingly overpowering to manage. The turnover rate among social laborers, parental figures and caseworkers is exceptionally high in light of wear out. These employments are exceptionally requesting and it takes an uncommon sort of individual to have the option to adapt to these obligations and keep on helping other people without ‘losing themselves’ and enduring a wear out.

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Exchange rate policies suitable for developing countries

Conversion standard strategies reasonable for creating nations Conversion standard is one of the focal elements that impact the money related arrangements in creating nations. A nation can decide to utilize a fixed conversion scale (Single or Multi-cash peg), middle of the road system like (Adjustable or Crawling peg) or receive an adaptable swapping scale contingent on the gracefully pace of cash and her financial independence. In any creating nation where organizations are feeble, the trade rates are commonly controlled by handing-off in relative measures with monetary forms from other sound economies. In this paper endeavor is, to take a gander at the choices accessible to creating nations in choosing what trade arrangement may be generally reasonable for them .The impacts of receiving dollarization or money associations in creating nations will likewise be inspected. As per the IMF roughly 85% of creating nations had fixed swapping scale arrangementsâ [1]â before the breakdown of Bretton Woods fixed framework. A sharp move of conversion st andard frameworks was seen when fixed swapping scale framework crumbled in 1970. The reasons for a trade systems is to have an economical current record deficiency, exchange intensity, holding swelling in line, to have high business and accomplish microeconomic productivity in assets to augment pay levels. In any case, exact perceptions uncover that there are many exchange offs between these targets. Drifting conversion scale is the place the legislature don't have a swapping scale target. It permits the economy to seek after an autonomous money related approach technique, for example, swelling focusing on and the market decides the conversion scale level. The system assists with encouraging genuine change. Conversion scale development gives a cradle against genuine stuns that may emerge from antagonistic terms of exchange improvement for creating nations. There are two sorts of coasting rates an autonomous buoy and softly oversaw skim accessible for thought. The contrast between the two trade rates is that autonomous buoy its worked openly with no intercession from the money related position and the conversion standard will decide the gracefully and request however in gently oversaw swapping scale framework their will be infrequent mediation immediate and aberrant from the fiscal arrangement to direct unreasonable variance. As of late many creating nations have received market decide skimming framework. They remember Uganda for mid 1982, Uruguay in late 1982 that was trailed by Dominican Republic in 1985. As Friedman contended in the mid 1950s,if costs move gradually, it is both quicker and less exorbitant to move the ostensible conversion scale in light of a stun that requires an alteration in the genuine trade rateâ [2]â There is likewise a contention against coasting swapping scale approach for creating nations know as dread of gliding as marked by Calvo and Reinhart (2002)â [3]â . It is contended that drifting trade causes fast development frequently unwanted, in genuine trade rates. Expansion focusing under gliding framework is dangerous given the monetary predominance and frail money related framework in creating nations. For instance Brazil confronted issues in swelling focusing under coasting trade approach because of the instability nature in conversion standard brought as affected by outside stun and desires. Its cash in 1999 deteriorated from R$ 1.20 to R$ 2.06 [4] Other models are of Indonesia and Thailand that showed extensive flimsiness during the 1970s and 1980s. The colossal change brought about by instability of the ostensible trade rates, which thus might be brought about by the expanded unpredictability of capital flows. [5] As the outline shows belowâ [6]â : characteristics Part3.pdf Fixed swapping scale arrangement is another strategy where national banks will secure conversion scale. For this situation, approach producer will permit estimation of cash to move inside certain band limit concerning other nation or crate of money, that is typically their driving exchanging accomplice. It is viewed as a grapple against expansion that is significant for a creating nation that have propensity to hyper blow up. Besides if ostensible stuns win in an economy, fixed swapping scale system can oblige cash request or gracefully stuns while limiting yield unpredictability in a nation. That assists with bringing an increasingly steady condition for universal exchange and furthermore profits by speculation because of nonattendance of a cash hazard premium. For instance China works under a fixed conversion scale system and has profited by the intensity that its merchandise have, because of its money being underestimated and not being permitted to appreciate. It brought about an expansion of outside trade stores to $514.54 billion for China. The downside from a fixed conversion scale is that national bank will lose final hotel loaning power. National bank loaning exercises might be successful if the sponsorship of a sound institutional setting is accessible. In this way, regardless of whether receiving a system that permits the national bank to print cash, a non-believable financial salvage activity is probably going to trigger inflationary desires and increment the likelihood of watching a degrading money. This is because of depletion of stores and breakdown of the fixed swapping scale framework suggesting a major political expense for the arrangement producers as apparent by Bretton Wood fixed conversion standard framework breakdown in 1970. Given the issues of both fixed and drifting conversion scale frameworks nations have attempted to receive different moderate systems with an end goal to consolidate the upsides of the two frameworks. It is the place nation can either utilize customizable peg framework or slithering peg system that both safeguard the peg. In any case, the main distinction is that under movable peg money related arrangement can modify the conversion scale and creeping peg maintains all authority to change the peg in steps, which are little however optional in size and timing. The pegs permit nation to keep up dependability and intensity. On the premise to diminish expansion by directing swelling, an issue looked by many creating nations. As Williamson (2000) has contended that such middle of the road systems could, on a basic level, permit nations to receive the rewards of fixed and adaptable systems without causing a portion of their costs.â [7]â This transitional system additionally faces issues, for example, money emergency if the nation is available to universal capital markets and apparently encourages outside obligation. For instance Argentina and Chile who executed slithering peg system in mid 1960s to manage high swelling, figured out how to loosen up the parity of installment requirement and experienced quickening in monetary growthâ [8]â . There are likewise unfriendly impacts identified with slithering pegs system as expansion as apparent in Argentina that saw swelling around 30% every year and Colombia whos swelling around 5-10% before creeping pegs to 25% subsequent to creeping pegs was executed by the late 1970s and mid 1980sâ [9]â . This would affect nation development as Khan and Senhadji evaluated that expansions negative effect on development in for creating economies that appears to occur for swelling rates surpassing 11-12%â [10]â Nations with full scale financial insecurity can receive elective cash, for example, dollar known as Dollarization. The embracing of dollarization will help carry validity to the countrys monetary framework, evacuate cash chance, dispense with money jumbling and stop conversion standard assaults due to bungling money that causes unfavorable accounting report influences of huge cheapening. Nations have alternatives where they can embrace a Full Dollarization framework that would mean nation would give up its capacity to give cash like Panama and Ecuador in 2000. They can likewise receive a Fractional Dollarization if a nation is experiencing high expansion and there is a past filled with monetary insecurity like Bolivia, Peru and Uruguay in 1980â [11]â . In conditions where there are fiscal shortcomings, unsteadiness and loss of certainty, Investors would be hesitant to put resources into that economy, as they might want to hold more secure resources. Dollar is progressively prevailing and noteworthy as U.S Federal Reserve backs it. In this way evacuating hypotheses or supporting against money is absurd. Dollarization pulls in Foreign Currency Deposits that stops any converse capital flights. In this way by receiving the cash of a valid economy, a nation is successfully handling the expansion inclination issue concentrated by Barro and Gordon (1983)â [12]â . For instance Ecuador contracted - 7.3% in 1999, saw its economy develop by 2.3% in 2000, the year dollarization happened and 5.6% in 2001â [13]â . The expenses of dollarization are, the loss of autonomous mon ey related arrangement, absence of a loan specialist after all other options have run out (and consequently the requirement for extra dollar resources), and the loss of seignior age. Money association is like dollarization with minor distinction, as certain nations keep their own cash. Individuals from cash association give up their money related autonomy for noteworthy exchange increment and stable trade rates. Nations advantage at a smaller scale level because of sharing of money. That brings a more profound mix of budgetary division, as they are sharing single cash like those working under the Franc Zone in Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC) and West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA). Research shows that there is no unmistakable decision on what conversion standard system works best for creating nations. As one conversion scale may be advantageous for one nation however could be hazardous for another. It is on the grounds that all nations have distinctive strategy targets and diverse monetary condition. As significant accord on the decision of conversion scale systems is that no single swapping scale system is best for all nations or consistently (Frankel 1999, Mussa 2000)â [14]â . Swapping scale approach has its advantages like it retain unfriendly shoc

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Blog Archive Common Questions from MBA Applicants Will I Get in, and What if I Have No Supervisor

Blog Archive Common Questions from MBA Applicants Will I Get in, and What if I Have No Supervisor Not surprisingly, one of the most common questions we receive from MBA candidates is “Will I get in?” Of course, this is an important question to consider before applying, and we suggest that you honestly assess and understand your candidacy and risk profile within the context of your target school’s typical student body before completing or submitting an application to that school. However, once you have determined that you will in fact apply to a particular school, you should not let this question haunt you or halt your progress. Many applicants spend too much time worrying and not enough time working. Your admissions decision is ultimately out of your control, so just focus on submitting the best application you possibly can. Another common question is rooted in professional situations such as the following: “I am self-employed.” “I am a vice president in my family’s business.” “I am a freelancer.” “I am a contract consultant.” If you can describe your situation using any of these statementsâ€"or something very similarâ€"you may very well be thinking, “I have no supervisor! Who is going to write my recommendations?” Before we address this problem, let us first remind you that MBA admissions committees have seen it all. Your situation is most likely not unique, so you do not need to fret. Let us consider the example of the family business vice president and add a detailâ€"that the family business is manufacturing. This hypothetical MBA candidate could contact one of the company’s long-standing clients or suppliers, who may be able to write about the applicant’s integrity, growth, sense of humor, determination, and more, all in relation to other comparable individuals. If these constituents were not able to offer adequate feedback, however, the candidate might instead ask the head of a trade association or possibly even a respected competitor to write on his/her behalf. If the applicant really needed to get creative, he/she might even consider asking a service providerâ€"for example, getting a letter of reference from an architectural firm that collaborated with the candidate to build a new manufacturing facility could be an interesting solution. In short, most MBA candidates have more potential recommenders to choose among than they realize. Keep looking and try not to get discouragedâ€"someone out there knows you well and can write objectively on your behalf. Share ThisTweet Application Tips

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Corruption in the Public Sector and Service Delivery

CORRUPTION IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR AND SERVICE DELIVERY A Paper presentation at the ROUNDTABLE ON REVIEW OF GOVERNANCE INDEX AND SECURITY IN NIGERIA Held in THE NATIONAL DEFENCE COLLEGE, NIGERIA 22ND MAY, 2013 Protocol Introduction The Public Sector in Nigeria is charged with the responsibility of providing goods and services, otherwise referred to as â€Å"public goods† in economics, to the public vis-à  -vis the mandate of the ruling government and its administrative system. It is expected by the public, of the government, and through the public sector to judiciously harness the nation’s economic resources for the benefit of the public and the development of their communities particularly, and the nation†¦show more content†¦The public sector being an economic agent, acts on behalf of the public to judiciously harness all economic resources for the benefit of all. Comprising of the Executive, the Judiciary, the Legislative, the Armed Forces, the Para-Military Organisations, the Police, the Ministries, the Public Enterprises (collectively referred to as Ministries, Departments and Agencies), the public sector refers to a system of government employees, elected or appointed that serve me mbers of the public through the provision of goods and service. The term is also a generic name for both the civil service and the parastatals or public enterprises combined. It equally encompasses undertakings that engage in the provision of goods and services which the private sector may not be able to invest in. It is generally recognized that the public sector, as an instrument for carrying out government policies, has a vital role to play in the social and economic development of a country. OVERVIEW OF THE EVOLUTION OF THE PUBLIC SECTOR IN NIGERIA The evolution of the Public Service was described by Maduabum (2006) thus; * The transfer of the central administration of Lagos, Gambia, Gold Coast, Sierra Leone to Freetown, Sierra Leone (1866-1874) * Lagos Colony was administered from Gold Coast (1874-1886) * Moloney was appointed Governor of Lagos (1886) * The Niger Coast Protectorate was merged with the territories of the Royal Niger Company (1889) * TheShow MoreRelatedThe Role Of Power For Private Gain As Defined By The United. Nations Development Programme1610 Words   |  7 PagesBackground: Corruption is the use of entrusted power for private gain as defined by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP 2008). This research studies the effects and consequences of corruption in the Nigeria health care system. Like other sectors in Nigeria, the health sector is not immune from corruption and this is because of the high demand for health care services which has enormously created opportunity for individuals in health care delivery to manipulate the system to theirRead MoreLetter Of Motivation : Why Are You Interested Of Studying Medicine?1308 Words   |  6 Pageswhich studies how diseases can be prevented in the community level and how people in the community can be served better. It knocked in my mind and I became interested to learn more about public health. During my one year paid internship in Dhaka Medical College and Hospital, I decided to build my career in public health. I am Debashis Datta, a young health professional from Bangladesh. I graduated from Dhaka Medical College under University of Dhaka in January 2014. Currently, I am working as a DistrictRead MoreForensic Accounting Research Proposal647 Words   |  3 Pagesin Public Sector Working Environment 3. Research Background Forensic accounting may not be a new field in accounting. However it becomes so important recently and has been an interest to various stakeholders, from the government, investors, and practitioners to regulatory bodies. In public sector, the increment in frauds, money laundering, corruptions, illegal or unethical acts and other wrongdoings are the main factors to support the needs of forensic accounting skills in public sectorRead MoreThe Global Issue Of South Africa1516 Words   |  7 Pages â€Æ' Engagement Summary The Global Issue in South Africa Corruption has overrun all aspects of South African culture since the early 1900’s. The government, the police force, and all of the citizens commit acts of corruption on an everyday basis in order to secure contracts, grants, and in order to earn more money. From a business standpoint, as government contracts are given to certain businesses with connections, many other legitimate businesses are driven out of the market, often leading to lessRead MoreThe Current Situation Of Bangladesh1095 Words   |  5 Pageswidespread corruption, chaos, and political aggression. The caretaker government worked to fight and demolish corruption from all levels of government. It arrested more than 160 people on charges of corruption including politicians, civil servants and businessman. It is worth mentioning that during these years the caretaker government ratified the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC). It also undertook institutional reforms such as reconstitution of the Anti-Corruption CommissionRead MoreEthics and Accountability in the Philippine Public Service: Role of Citizens, Public Officials, Private Sector and Civil Society1180 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"Ethics and Accountability in the Philippine Public Service: Role of Citizens, Public Officials, Private Sector and Civil Society In my previous paper, I mentioned that values are as important in our government system as the other functions and political processes are. Unit VI discussed how crucial and vital ethics and accountability is in our government. It also talks about the significance of our own moral code, seeing that public ethics are part of the overall value system, and is cultureRead MoreEthics and Accountability in the Philippine Public Service: Role of Citizens, Public Officials, Private Sector and Civil Society1172 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"Ethics and Accountability in the Philippine Public Service: Role of Citizens, Public Officials, Private Sector and Civil Society In my previous paper, I mentioned that values are as important in our government system as the other functions and political processes are. Unit VI discussed how crucial and vital ethics and accountability is in our government. It also talks about the significance of our own moral code, seeing that public ethics are part of the overall value system, and is cultureRead MoreRole Of E Governance On Administrative Efficiency And Combating Corruption2110 Words   |  9 Pagesand Combating Corruption Abstract: Administrative efficiency and Corruption have been the matter of growing interest for any Government of a country. Increasing efficiency and decreasing corruption are very much important for good governance and better development of a country. Because organization’s effectivity, productivity, depends on administrative efficiency. The objective of this paper is to find out the role of E-governance in Administrative Efficiency and Combating Corruption. It will provideRead MoreGovernment Contracting Out Healthcare Services1311 Words   |  6 Pagesout healthcare services in developing countries Drifting from direct government control to contracting out has become a communal procedure matter in many developing countries. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the proposed partnership between private and public health systems may allow government funded health-care services to be more accountable, transparent and efficient. The ideology behind contracting out suggests there are many advantages in combining public finance with privateRead MoreCorruption Affects Us All Essay719 Words   |  3 Pages Fighting corruption Constraints to the expansion of economy and business Corruption affects us all. It threatens sustainable economic development, ethical values and justice. Corruption destabilizes our society and endangers the rule of law. It undermines the institutions and values of our young democracy. But because public policies and public resources are largely beneficial to poor people, it is the poor who suffer the harmful effects of corruption most grievously. To be dependent on the government

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Causes and Effects of Alcohal Abuse - 1150 Words

The Causes and Effects of Alcohol Abuse For about 10% to 12% of the 140 million adults in the United States who drink, the use of alcohol develops into addiction. Alcoholism in men is approximately two to three times greater than in women (14% of male drinkers vs. 6% of female drinkers). In addition onset of alcoholism usually occurs at a younger age in men than in women (Fay, 1998). In terms of consumption 20% of drinkers consume 80% of all alcohol (Babor, 2010). There has been an abundance of research done on this topic. Family studies, twin studies, animal studies, and adoption studies are showing stronger and stronger genetic influences particularly in severe alcoholism (Black, 2010) A recent twin study that assessed†¦show more content†¦Alcohol limits the brain s ability to use glucose and oxygen, therefore killing brain cells as well as inhibiting message transmission. Low to moderate use does not seem to cause permanent functional loss whereas chronic high-dose use causes direct damage to nerve cells. Malnutrition can also injure brain cells and disrupt brain chemistry. (Babor, 2010). Both physical brain damage and impaired mental abilities have been linked to advanced alcoholism. Brain atrophy (loss of brain tissue) has been documented in 50% to 100% of alcoholics (Fishman, 2005). Breathing and heart-rate irregularities also may arise. Dementia (deterioration of intellectual ability, faulty memory, disorientation, and diminished problem-solving ability) is a further consequence of prolonged heavy drinking. One of the more serious diseases due to brain damage caused by chronic alcoholism and thiamine (vitamin B1) deficiency is Wernicke s encephalopathy whose symptoms include delirium, visual problems, imbalance, and muscle tremors. The other serious condition that involves thiamine deficiency is Korsakoff s syndrome; its symptoms include disorientation, memory failure, and repetition of false memories (Babor, 2010). Alcoholism also effects th e reproductive system. While light drinking lowers inhibitions, prolonged use decreases desire and the intensity of orgasm. Chronic alcohol abuse can inhibitShow MoreRelatedThe Impact of Alcohol Abuse on Finance and Economy1737 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Alcohol abuse and its associated problems cost society many billions of dollars every year. Economics have attempted to calculate the monetary damage that has resulted from the alcohol abuse. These damages include expenditures on alcohol-related problems and opportunities that are lost because of alcohol. Two problems are particularly directly related to the case of alcohol abuse. First, researchers attempt to identify costs that are directly related to alcohol abuse. Second, many costsRead MoreShould Marijuana Be Illegal For Recreational Use?924 Words   |  4 Pagesbecause unlike other drugs such as heorin, cocaine, and even the currently legal alcohal, no one has ever died from an overdose of marajuana. Speaking of alcohal, while people driving while under the influence of that drug cause roughly ten-thousand deaths a year (in just the United States alone), the Canadian Senate Special Committe on Illegal Drugs concluded that, Cannabis alone,particularly in low doses,has little effect on the skills involved in automobile driving. Cannabis leads to a more cautious

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The Genocide in Myanmar Essay - 810 Words

Super Biased Research Paper In the past two years, a genocide has been going on in Myanmar that little people around the world know about. The victims that have been affected by this mass murder are the Rohingya Muslims, who originated from the subcontinent of India and are a minority group that makes up 5% of the country’s population. Today, the physical and emotional abuse endured by the Rohingya Muslims prevails a prominent issue in the Middle East. Over in Burma, many of the Muslims are murdered, beaten, or attacked by various religious groups, while government officials either stand and watch or occasionally help. The Rohingya Muslims is a small Muslim group that emerged in India during the time of the British Raj. The group†¦show more content†¦The leaders include the president of Burma, Thein Sein, and a famous politician of the country, Aung San Suu Kyi. The two groups comprise of the Sangha, which is a community of Buddhist monks, and the Rakhine Nationalitie s Development Group (RNDG), which is a political party in Myanmar. In 1991, Aung San Suu Kyi won the Nobel Peace Prize for forming the National League for Democracy and coincidently disapproved of violence and hoped that all ethnic groups could â€Å"cooperate in harmony.† Since then, she has denied any evidence of an ethnic cleansing, when asked about it in an interview and she has talked about the Rohingya Muslims, stating that â€Å"They are not our citizens.† The president, Thein Sein, has done many things to contribute to the ethnic cleansing. He has come up with ideas to end the ethnic cleansing, such as â€Å"expelling† the muslims from the country or getting the United Nations to â€Å"resettle† them somewhere else. The Rohingya Muslims have tried many things to cope with these attacks, resulting in both good and bad outcomes. For most of the Rohingyas, they were either kickedShow MoreRelatedThe Armenian Genocide And The Ukrainian Genocide1225 Words   |  5 Pagesto repeat itself. Genocides have been committed throughout history, even before the term was assembled in 1944 and accepted by the United Nations in 1946 as a crime under international law. According to the United Nations, genocide is defined as â€Å"intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group.† A minimum of twenty-seven genocides have been documented across the world. During the 20th century, the Armenian Genocide and the Ukrainian genocide (Holodomor) transpiredRead MoreThe Ten Stages of Genocide by Gregory H. Stanton931 Words   |  4 Pages Did you know that today there are still acts of genocide happening around the world? â€Å"The Ten Stages of Genocide† is an article written by Gregory H. Stanton, the president of Genocide Watch, an organization that is fighting to end genocide. In this article, Stanton lists ten stages that will occur in a genocide, starting with the stage of classification and ending with the stage of denial. In Burma, a sovereign state, also known as Myanmar, a minority ethnic group named the Rohingya is being discriminatedRead MoreThe People Of India, By Dr. D Souza1890 Words   |  8 Pagesethnic group. This Muslim minority population, living mainly in the state of Arakan in Myanmar (Burma), are denied citizenship by the Burmese government. Although the approximately 800,000 Rohingya are generation from ancestors living in Myanmar for centuries, these Muslim Population face harsh persecution due to being considered â€Å"people without a state.† Additionally, according to an article â€Å"Why does Myanmar keep persecuting the Rohingya Muslims?,† featured in the los angeles times, the RohingyasRead Mor eExamples Of Ethnic Cleansing In The Rohingya1309 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction To the Myanmar government, the Rohingya are the enemy. Since the 1970’s, the military has raped, murdered, tortured, and burned alive Rohingya people living in the Rakhine State (Ekin, 2017). In 1982, the Burma Citizenship Law proclaimed the Rohingya as stateless, which, in the words of human rights consultant and research associate in the Centre for Asian Legal Studies Katherine Southwick, has â€Å"been used to rationalize various forms of marginalization and the denial of rights, servicesRead MoreGlobal Health Critical Reflection Of Health1681 Words   |  7 Pagesevident with articles 23, 24, 25, 26 and 27 (see Appendix A), are being denied, a person’s social determinants of health are affected. Furthermore, when certain human rights are not being met, such as those in countries that are experiencing war, or genocide, or discrimination and will flee their country. Many of the presentations that occurred in class were focused on the refugee crisis in Europe and A sia, as this is a problem that seems to be affecting many countries. It became apparent when a person’sRead MoreHuman Rights Violations And Abuses Essay2175 Words   |  9 PagesIntroduction: This report is submitted to the Human Rights Council to report on the human rights violations and abuses against the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. This report focuses on the protracted enforcement of discriminatory policies that seek to marginalise and control Rohingya population namely of the Rakhine state. This report argues that Myanmar’s 1982 Citizenship Law and state and federal legislative acts function as the catalyst to excluded and marginalise the Rohingya. Theses policiesRead MoreEssay On Global Aid1610 Words   |  7 Pagesand the world’s most persecuted minority: the Rohingya. Myanmar is a predominantly buddhist country which is refusing to see the Rohingya as people and going as far as denying them citizenship. They also views them as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh even though they are one of the many minorities living in Myanmar. Its been years since they have been fleeting on perilous journeys due to violence and abuse acted upon security forces. Myanmar military are guilty of burning villages, attacking andRead MoreThe Issue Of Humanitarian Intervention2145 Words   |  9 Pagesearthquake occurred off Sumatra Island on December 26, 2004, the largest in the last 40 years, caused a tsunami that devastated the coast of Myanmar. The United States, as well as France and Great Britain, had naval vessels loaded with humanitarian supplies off the Myanmar coast, and had been waiting for a green light to deliver them. A nation under military rule, Myanmar would not allow U.S. warships and helicopters poised off its shores to deliver aid to the victims. C laiming that such military assistanceRead MoreThe United Nations and Human Rights: Has the United Nations failed in its determination to support and advocate for human rights?3184 Words   |  13 PagesUnited Nations itself will be analyzed. In addition to this, the protocol for the intervention of the United Nations on behalf of human rights will be investigated, as will a series of issues regarding human rights violations in China and Burma (now Myanmar), and whether or not the United Nations, if involved, was able to support and advocate for human rights. II. A Summary and Description of the United Nations Purpose, Functions, and Structure of the United Nations Before we are able to determine theRead MoreThe Passionate Subject of Religious Liberty Essay1322 Words   |  6 Pagesof the superiority of their religious belief over others. Such religious ‘Nazism’ based on misguided claims to superiority of particular religions have wreaked havoc in places such as the Balkans where genocide was committed on religious basis and even the Hindu-Islamic strife in India and Myanmar have deep rooted religious colorations arising from religious intolerance by adherents of different religious beliefs. In non-secular states, religious liberties of citizens are restricted and curtailed

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Customer Intimacy and Its Implication in Sales Unit-Free Samples

Question: Explain Customer Intimacy And Its Implication In Sales Unit? Answer: Introduction Strategic business unit (SBU) of the organization Apple Inc. is an essential segment which assists in maintaining the standardization and profitability for the business. This segment significantly comprehends the strategic marketing tools that are required to enhance the strategy of marketing in the organization. In this assignment, the learner has elaborately described the strategic direction and development tools required for sales division unit in the organization. The development tools create a huge impact on this unit; however, it does impact positively which signifies the critical growth of the business in the competitive market. These strategies will significantly help in implementation and planning process in the organization. Customer intimacy and its implication in Sales unit In the business world, there exist 3 core marketing strategies for various business platforms based on different industry. The three strategies in terms of marketing are operational excellence, customer intimacy, and product leaderships. However, for the sales unit of the organization Apple Inc. focuses mainly on customer intimacy. As it is the customer that helps an organization to rise to its peak level by enhancing the profitability in various aspects (Baker, 2014). Hence, satisfying their needs and demand is relevant for gaining success and to stay ahead in the competitive market. The client intimacy strategy concentrates on offering a critical scope of client administrations that considers the personalization of administration and the customization of items to meet varying client needs (Montgomery, Einstman Stepniewski, 2006). Frequently organization like Apple Inc. who seeks after this system marketing strategies focuses critically on the items which are well planned particula rly for the individual client. The fruitful outline of arrangements obliges sellers to have profound client learning and in addition bits of knowledge into their clients' business forms. The arrangements which are offered once in a while, focuses on the least expensive alternative for the client, nor the most creative, yet are viewed as satisfactory (Boone Kurtz, 2013). Client intimacy concentrates on the requirements of the individual client. Customer intimacy strategically can just land through adjusting the item improvement, producing, regulatory capacities and official concentration around the requirements of the individual client. Apple Inc. significantly has a tendency to have a decentralized association which enables them to learn and change rapidly as per clients' needs (Christopher, Payne Ballantyne, 2013). This organization frequently keeps a whole environment of accomplices for the genuine creation and conveyance of items and administrations to their clients. The strategic direction for the organization Apple Inc. in terms of marketing is to provide an adequate solution to its customers and assist them while running their business critically. The sales unit of the organization is effective for forming a great segment in the organization which achieves a direct relation with the customer. This, in turn, helps them to achieve the desired n eed of the target market which helps the organization to stay ahead in comparison with the rival companies. The pricing strategy of the products and services offered by the organization enhances eventually due to the engagement of the sales unit. Hence, customer intimacy is desired in an organization to achieve the desired goal as well as to stay ahead in the market. The sales unit provides an effective system support that helps to measure the cost of delivering product and services to the customer while maintaining the loyalty of the customer. The corporate culture is generally flexible and is completely customer centric. The sales unit has the main advantage of attaining customer information which is crucial in terms of running the business of Apple Inc. more flexible. The managers of the sales unit are effective and have significant boundaries and also assist their subordinates to complete the task at ease which is desired in terms of achieving customer intimacy towards the organization. The team of the sales unit is congenial controlled as well as friendly by sharing information from the higher level to lower for enhancing effective strategy (Czinkota Ronkainen, 2013). The teamwork, trust, and power of the unit are efficient for trusting the members for accomplishing their job role. The sales unit strategies change with the changing needs of the customers; however, in the organization Apple Inc. the underlying strategy is stable which is towards profitability. Hence, the strategy chosen for the organization Apple Inc. is assisting the business growth while satisfying the needs of the customer. Thr ough customer intimacy strategy, the organization will attain ample profit pay off and is feasible with its huge resource platforms; however, with advantages come investment costs as well as a potential risk which the organization critically resolves and moves further (De Mooij, 2013). The sales unit team considerably attains competitive strategic positions in terms of customer intimacy which are both dominant and strong. Through the strategy of customer intimacy, the organizations sales unit controls the strategies and behavior of other competitors which are a significant strength in the target market (Yim, Tse Chan, 2008). The organization Apple Inc. always considers short-term strategies rather than a long term as the strategies mostly depend upon the changing needs of customers. The sales unit always tries to enhance its current position as it has significant strengths and potentials to continue the business while satisfying the needs of customers. The pricing strategy, as well as the products and services produced from the unit, are completely based on the needs of the customers while comparing the pricing strategy of the competitors (McKenzie-Mohr, 2013). This, in turn, helps to attain a significant position in the target market as well as it is profitable f or the organization in every aspect. Hence, the implication of the sales unit of the organization in terms of customer intimacy strategies is significant and will help to grow business widely. Portfolio analysis- Boston Consulting Groups matrix The higher management of the organization Apple Inc. is not dependable for generating strategic alternatives in terms of different products and services in the market for customer intimacy. It completely depends on the business units of the organization. The sales unit of the organization Apple Inc. is significant for generating strategies based on the need of the customers (Zott Amit, 2013). The critical assumption of the BCG or Boston Consulting Group matrix is it helps to analyze the increased market share of the products and services that have been introduced in the market for higher cash generation (Simons, 2013). However, it is evident for the organization Apple Inc. that growing markets do need additional investment. By attaining slower business growth, the organization can gather the required additional investment. The sales unit in the organization is completely independent of other business unit and implements strategies based on the needs of the target market. The matrix quadrants are named as stars, question marks, cash cows, and dogs. Each of the quadrants signifies each strategy of an organization. The high growth market leaders are typically known as stars. Cash cows are significantly characterized by high market share and low growth. Dogs are those who introduce products in low positioned market share as well as poor competitive position (Xue, Ray Sambamurthy, 2013). The sales unit in the organization Apple Inc. can be characterized in the quadrant of question marks. The products and services offered by the unit are significantly customer-centric which enhances the growth market of the product; however, this, in turn, leaves to low share and requires more cash for investment and produces more products. This unit starts at a slow pace but eventually evolves in the market as a star product which flourishes the market as well as gain competitive advantage. The investment characteristics are quite heavy initially ad requires high developmental and research costs to learn about the target market and to gain customer intimacy. The earning characteristics significantly fluctuate based on the need of the target market; sometimes its high and sometimes its low (Turnbull Valla, 2013). The sales unit takes a huge chance to dominate the target market and if everything goes well after introducing the products and service in the target market, it gains huge market share. However, if it does not go as it is planned then a new strategy is redefined which will benefit the organization. The organization does support the sales business unit as this is the only segment which has a direct contact with its customers. Hence, if the market share lowers down due to external factors then the organization develops a strategically plan with sales unit to develop a new strategy which will be profitable for the company in terms of competitive advantage (Shih et al. 2013). The sales unit critically develops the strategy based on the market size and market position which benefits the organization Apple Inc. in several ways. The portfolio considerations for the organization Apple Inc. depends upon market size, market growth, industry profitability, and cyclicality. This, in turn, assists the sales business unit of the organization to develop the strategy which will be based on the needs of the customers as well as profitable for the organization. Strategic development tools and its benefits Cross-impact analysis This technique helps to analyze the impacts of the products and services that have been introduced in the market by the sales unit team. This analysis is typically done before the implementation of the new product; however, it can be done later too. This analysis helps to learn the potential impact of introducing a product or service in the target market. It determines if the new strategy will create a positive or negative impact on the customers in future events (Biggemann et al. 2013). The taxation laws as well as legislative laws also fall under this and play an integral part in the strategy making practice for the organization Apple Inc. Cross-impact analysis is done by surveying the needs and demands of the target customers which will significantly assist the sales to the team to develop integrated strategies that will benefit both the organization and customers and also will help to attain a competitive advantage in the target market. This technique will also assist in learning the overall competitive strategic position in the target market. The developed strategies will be based on the needs of the customers which will be significantly coordinated both externally and internally. The social and demographic event also helps in learning the how the strategy will create a positive impact in the market. Trend-impact analysis This technique critically helps the strategic business unit of the organization Apple Inc. to demonstrate future trends by gathering the past buying behaviors of the customers and likewise focusing on reinventing new products and services based on enhancing customer intimacy (Khalili Shavarini et al. 2013). This analysis benefits the sales to learn the buying behavior of the customers which creates a huge impact on the profitability of the organization. This method is unique from other tools as this technique lies with the combination of the view of customers as well as a statistical method for learning either there will be a potential growth due to the implemented strategy or it will be harmful for the organization and makes it easy for the sales business unit to decide. This tool critically assists the unit to develop a significant strategy that will be profitable for the business and will attain huge market share (Kownatzki et al. 2013). The trend of customers keeps on changing wi th the changing environment and advanced technological growth due to which it becomes tough for organization Apple Inc. to meet the demands of customers while making a profitable business. However, this technique simplifies the problem in a huge way to analyze the needs and demands of customers which make the organization stay ahead in the competitive market. Planning and implementation For strategic marketing, the organization Apple Inc. needs to have strategic planning which must be done effectively by the sales unit of the organization. Without effective marketing, the organization can never achieve the success it desires and flourishes in the market. The members of the sales business unit of the organization must provide quality product and services to fulfill the needs and demands of the customers which will increase customer intimacy (Kumar et al. 2013). For developing an effective plan, the members of the strategic business unit must focus on its customers about their buying behavior, surveying and other efficient measures which will help to form an effective strategy. An effective performance standard has to be attained by the unit for better and effective output. The customers who are the existing part of the organization must be given more priority for creating more awareness among them in terms of the new strategic marketing. Customer intimacy significant ly influences the strategic marketing strategy for the organization Apple Inc. in terms of planning and implementation. The planning must be done before starting the project and the implementation process must be done slowly for making feasible to both customers as well as the members of the sales unit (Law, Ennew Mitussis, 2013). The higher management of the company must initiate a rewarding system for enhancing and motivating the employees of the sales unit for forming innovative and creative strategies that will benefit the organization. The members of the sales unit must be customer centric and should change their strategies based on the views of the potential target customers. The tools that are used for learning the purchasing behavior as well as to learn the trend of future generation from the past record must be analyzed efficiently for the effective result (Leonidou et al. 2013). The previous strategies that have been used by the sales unit for increasing the customer intimacy strategy must be revised again for better forming the new strategies. Customers are one of the important segments of every organization as it is the segment that attains profitability for the organization. Hence, the organization Apple Inc. must focus on its customers for forming effective strategies with the changing demands and needs. Currently, the needs and demands of customers are changing with technological as well as in the competitive ground. For attaining both the factors critically, the organization must focus on understanding the trends of the customers for better output (Nica, 2013). After complete planning and comprehending the trend of the customers, the organizatio n must implement the process strategically to flourish the market as well as to stay ahead in the competitive market. The pricing strategy must be feasible so that each segment of customers based on demographic segmentation can afford the products and services of the organization. Hence, customers intimacy influence the marketing strategically in terms of planning and implementing. Conclusion In this assignment, the learner has elaborately described the strategical marketing of the organization Apple Inc. based on customer intimacy by the sales business unit. Customer intimacy is a core marketing strategy that helps to attain profitability for the organization as well as assist the organization to attain competitive advantage. The tools used for marketing by the sales business unit must be used strategically. The implementation and planning process must be efficient and should be based on the changing customer trend for forming an effective strategy in terms of marketing and should be given the first priority. Reference list Books- Baker, M. J. (2014).Marketing strategy and management. 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